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Ruby is a minor character in Final Fantasy IX. She works as one of Tantalus Theater Troupe 's actors and is the only female of the group. Ruby wears a low-cut white blouse with short sleeves. Her hourglass figure is cinched in by a brown corset-like belt.

Short green panels grace the sides of her teal, asymmetrical skirt. She wears opaque white tights, pink shoes, short white gloves with brown ribbons, and a brown choker.

Her hair is grey, but much of it is covered by a large, light blue bandana. When left behind by the rest of the Tantalus troupe, Ruby shows off her entrepreneurial nature by founding her own mini theater.

The other Tantalus members fear her scolding and work behind her back to escape her temper. Still, the Tantalus members begin their adventure while cheerfully leaving Ruby behind, briefly forgetting all about her. She would personally be happier if her troupe would just be actors and not thieves, but she still does her best to cheer up anyone who needs it. In the English localization Ruby has a strong North American southern accent.

In the Japanese version, she speaks with an Osaka-ben dialect. In the Italian version, she has a Spanish accent. In the German translation, she speaks a Cologne dialect, and in Spanish, she has an Argentine dialect. Ruby was going to play the role of Cornelia in Tantalus's production of the play I Want to be Your Canarybut she had the part unintentionally stolen from her by Princess Garnet. During Tantalus's escape from AlexandriaRuby gets left behind.

She starts up her own theater and remains there, even after the rest of Tantalus return to Lindblum and begins to work with the famous actor Lowell Bridges although, he feels his talents are wasted in Ruby's small theater and continually complains about everything. Ruby is the owner of Superslick, an item required to fix Mognet Central. Even after founding her own theater in Alexandria, Ruby reunites with Tantalus at the end of the game for their final performance of I Want to be Your Canary.

It is the birthstone for July. Ruby is called Carmen in the Italian version. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This cowgirl's wilder than a buckin' bronco! Contents [ show ]. Skip section. Spoilers end here. Add an image Yoshitaka Amano artwork. Final Fantasy IX characters. Categories :. Cancel Save.The series premiered first in the United States on 21 January on Univision[4] and ended on 27 February with a total of 26 episodes. It stars Camila Sodi as the title character.

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The series received good positive and negative reviews from the audience. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spanish-language drama television series. Retrieved 17 July Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 23 December Retrieved 5 September Retrieved 23 October Retrieved 20 January Retrieved 21 January Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 21 February Retrieved 29 February Retrieved 1 February Retrieved 30 January Retrieved 4 February Retrieved 7 February Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 16 February Retrieved 19 February Retrieved 20 February Ruby was a demon devoted to Lucifer 's return.

After Azazel 's death, she conspired with Lilith as to how they would free Lucifer from his cage : while Lilith broke the sealsRuby protected the remaining " special child " Sam Winchester and prepared him to break the final seal and become the host to Lucifer. This plan was known only to herself and Lilithcausing Ruby to be regarded as a traitor by Hell.

At first, Ruby formed an alliance with an uneasy Sam by promising to help him get his brother out of his crossroads dealbut once this was revealed to be false, offered to train Sam to be able to kill Lilith in revenge for Dean being sent to Hell.

rubi final

During Dean's sojourn in Hell, Ruby tightened her hold by being useful and 'helping' Sam, saying what he wanted to hear, addicting him to demon blood, and being there through his grief to the point that the relationship between the two gradually deepened and became sexual.

She molded him into the perfect vessel for Lucifer and manipulated him into breaking the final seal by killing Lilithbut once her deceit was realized by the brothers, she was killed with her own knife. After learning that Ruby had the Occultum before her death, Castiel visits the demon in The Emptyawakening her in the process.

In exchange for the location, Ruby requests that Castiel get her out of the Empty which would resurrect her. Castiel agrees to her request to at least try to free Ruby. Ruby became a witch by selling her soul to Astaroth. Their interaction in Malleus Maleficarum hints that they were in a sexual relationship with one another. As a result of her deal, Ruby's soul went to Hell after she died, where she was tortured to the point that she became a demon herself.

During this time, Ruby worked with Anael on occasion who was one of the few aware of her true allegiance. She told him that he could save his brother by developing the demonic abilities Azazel had given him, which had gone dormant upon the demon's death.

However, Dean had predicted his brother's actions and drawn up a devil's trap, which he used to capture her and steal her knife after a brief but vicious fight.

rubi final

She was enraged and screamed that she wished she could see him getting tortured in Hell. She managed to escape the trap and showed up to apprehend him, demanding her knife back, but was forced to flee with the brothers when a horde of demons attacked.

While the group was separated, Lilith exorcised Ruby and sent her back to Hell while she temporarily possessed Ruby's host body. Ruby was released from Hell, claiming that Lilith had ordered her to kill Sam to prove her loyalty. She was accompanied by another demon, whom she killed in front of Sam to show him that she remained his ally. However, he rejected her help once she admitted that she couldn't rescue Dean from Hell, and demanded she dis-inhabit the secretary whose body she had taken over.

She satisfied him by possessing the body of "Jane Doe", a woman who had recently died in a coma and whose soul had already passed on.

With Sam now more open to her advice due to his grief and her apparent trustworthiness, Ruby suggested that he avenge Dean's death by killing Lilith with his psychic powers. Although he wanted to go after Lilith immediately, she persuaded him to train with his abilities first, then saved his life when he walked into a trap.

During this time, Ruby apparently stopped him from drinking alcohol heavily, started a sexual relationship with him at his lowest point, and became his hunting partner in Dean's stead. She also began feeding him her blood to enhance his powers.

In the episode Lazarus Rising Dean, resurrected by an angeltracked Sam down to the motel room his brother shared with Ruby. To keep her identity and relationship with Sam hidden, she pretended that she didn't know Dean and even teased Sam by asking if the brothers were lovers when they embraced.

When Sam went to a diner alone and exorcised a demon with his mind, she came to him, complimenting him on how rapidly his powers were advancing.

She admitted that she didn't know why demons were so panicked or how Dean could have been resurrected. She asked Sam if he was going to tell Dean about her and decided to tone down her involvement with Sam so that he wouldn't have to lie to his brother.

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In Are You There, God? She demanded confirmation from Sam; once she got it, she hides her influence on Sam from the angels by laying low and telling Sam that it's because she feared that angels would smite her even if she was being helpful to him.

In the episode I Know What You Did Last SummerRuby learned that demons were pursuing an escaped mental patient, Anna Miltonwith orders to capture her alive, and passed word onto the Winchesters; Sam agreed to look into it and they eventually tracked Anna down. Ruby hastily arrived to warn the group that " heavy-hitter " Alastair was part of the hunt for Anna and he was following the Winchesters, but he arrived before they could leave.Watch the video.

Teresa is a young woman dominated by her greed. Her parents have made great sacrifices to give her a good, decent life, but Teresa wants more, a lot more.

Two identical twin sisters separated at birth reunite and the rich, devious and cruel one proposes to her sweet-hearted counterpart to assume her place. A killer, Analia is paid to kill a businesswoman, Mariana Montiel. After the car they were in gets off the road and burns to flames, two doctors find the body of Mariana and a photo of the Montserrat Mendoza Boyer is a beautiful young woman who's family is in danger of financial ruin.

After Montserrat ruins her engagement to her boyfriend, to save their wealth, her conniving Sortilegio centers the life of Alejandro who comes back home after a terrible accident to find that he is married to Maria Jose, a poor and innocent girl who was lied to by Alejandro's In 19th century Mexico, Dr. Manuel Fuentes Guerra inherits a fortune of his father, whom never wanted to recognize him as his son.

Rubí recuperó su libertad, belleza y poder de seducción: así se vivió el final de la historia

Now turned into a millionaire gentleman, the doctor looks A brave, poor young girl is welcomed into a rich family and develops a romance with their misogynist youngest son, driving a woman already in love with him to go to great lengths to destroy their relationship.

She becomes a different woman and her new attitude sends her to the family's hacienda. There she A terrible tragedy puts an end to a group of friends' pleasure voyage. Maria hears a gunshot, and finds her friend Patricia dead, and, within her confusion, she picks up the gun. Maria is Esmeralda is a blind and very poor young girl living in a shack with her stepmother Rubi, a young woman who captivates many of her fellow students from the university with her beauty and charm, which many girls envy and many guys desire.

Besides her beauty, Rubi is also very poor. Christia is the only one who works to pay the house bills and part of Rubi's half scholarship.She studies at an exclusive university thanks to the financial support from Cristina Paty Diazher hard-working older sister.

She is best friends with Maribel de la Fuente Jacqueline Bracamontesa kind and wealthy young woman. Maribel has a small defect in her leg, which prevents her from having a normal social life. However, she finds herself falling in love with Alejandro. Rubi's mother tries to make Rubi see that money is not everything and that she will regret leaving Alejandro. On her wedding night Hector tries to make love to Rubi, Rubi keeps thinking about Alejandro, which makes her run out to the beach crying.

Despite this, she is still in love with Alejandro, though he vows to her that he would never forgive her for what she did to Maribel. Hector was supposed to move to New York and work on an important project, but is kicked out after he dumps Maribel at the altar. They are away for three years. She is released from jail, since it is ruled that Sonia's death was accidental. Immediately afterwards, the suspicions are proven unfounded and the charges against him are dropped.

He leaves her and begins to walk down the stairs.

rubi final

To save her life, doctors have to amputate her leg. Even more devastating, her beautiful face is now full of scars because of multiple glass cuts. Finding the wedding date of Alejandro and Maribel, she shows up unseen at the church. She sights a gun through a crack on a door, targeting Alejandro, but she cannot bring herself to shoot him.

She then aims at Maribel, but her sister Cristina, Maribel's maid of honor, is in the way and blocking a clean shot. On the contrary, she feels sympathy for her favorite aunt.

Rubí 2020 Capitulo 26 Completo (GRAN FINAL)

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Your password reset link appears to be invalid or expired.A seventh season premiered August 12, with the main voice cast reused from Season 6. Ruby's Piano Practice : Ruby is practicing on the piano for the school concert and Max's toy fire truck is missing. Ruby tries to get Max to play with other toys until Ruby finds that Max's toy fire truck was in the piano. Max makes a mess in the bath with food, so Ruby gives him a shower. Max shows Ruby has 3 stains on her dress.

Max's Bed Time : Max cannot sleep without his red rubber elephant. Later, he finds it must have been under his bed all this time. Max's Breakfast : Max won't eat his sunny-side-up egg and tries to hide it, wanting strawberries instead. Max then manages to trick Ruby into eating the egg.

Rubi cena dificio de acha em mexicano

After Max makes them miss so many buses, Louise decides to come over to Max and Ruby's house. Max's Worm Cake : Ruby wants to plant marigolds but Max has chosen to make a "worm cake. Max's Rainy Day : Max wants to play in the rain. By the time Ruby outfits Max with rain gear, the rain has stopped, but Max puts the raincoats to good use with a garden hose. Camp Out : Max and Ruby are having a campout but Max wants to sleep outside the tent.

They do just that, when Max stuffs the tent with toys. Ruby's Clubhouse : Ruby and Louise build a clubhouse, but Max tries to sneak in when they're not in. Later, Ruby builds Max his own clubhouse. Max's Picnic : Ruby and Louise are bird watching but Max wants a cupcake. He attracts a speckled warbler, feeds it his cupcake and shows it to Ruby and Louise. Max's Halloween : Max wants to be a vampire for Halloween, but Ruby would rather have him dress up as a prince to go with her princess costume.

Ruby's Leaf Collection : Ruby begins a collection of leaves but Max keeps getting in the way of finding the bigtooth aspen leaf.

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The Blue Tarantula : Ruby reads Max a scary story about a blue tarantula, which keeps him up all night. After he overcomes his fear, he scares Ruby.


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